Good News!!

From Dena Hill 1/22/11 

Hi Don: More good news: My oldest son, Charles is engaged to Kimberly Arena and the wedding is in Charlotte on October 8, 2011. They both work at Carolina Medical Center.
PLUS: One of our lost sheep has found her way back into the fold! Darinda Moses and hubby have moved back to Greensboro after many years living in Texas. I'm so happy!

From Dena Hill 9/19/10

For all of our classmates who were at the 25th Reunion at Howard Johnson's, you may remember that while many of you were talking about your grandchildren, I had recently given birth to my third baby. Chris is graduating from UVA May 22 and getting married May 30 to the love of his life, Lucy Meadema. Ironically, Chris and I used to watch all of the reruns of "I Love Lucy" until we had them memorized. I told him that it had a whole new meaning for him now.

From Larry Oldham 10/1/10

These are some photo's I had retouched from Clara J. Peck School circa 1952 or 53. This is Mrs Smith class and Mrs Cordle. I don't recognize the other teacher but the photo says 4th grade. Lenny Manor is in one photo and Alan Cozart. Jennifer Estes is in all 3 photo's.  See if you recognize yourself or others!

Information from Jennifer Estes 10/2/10
Mrs. Smith class:
Audrey Greeson- 2nd row-3rd from right.  Married to Billy Ledbetter
Rick Saunders- 3rd row right side
Wayne Suits- beside Rick Saunders
Herman Messer- 3rd row- 2nd from left
Lilian Minor- second from right
Mrs. Cordle's class: 
Lilian Minor- first row- center front
Connie Tilley- (Possibly) Front row- right
Rick Saunders- 2nd row-3rd on left
Graham Patrick- 4th row-3rd from right
Mrs. Hatcher's class:
Jennifer Estes- 1st row- 2nd from right (I'm not telling on myself in the other two pictures.  Yall can figure it out for yourself!
Sidney Wrenn (Leslie's brother)- 2nd row very center
Oscar Williamson- 3rd row- 2nd from right
Lennie Manor- top row-1st right
Brenda Lowe- (Carolyn Lowe's sister & I think Denny Lowe's cousin)- 4th row-2nd from right.