Class Reunion Survey

We are sure you are aware our 50th anniversary from High School graduation is only a year away! Can it be true? A half century has indeed passed since we walked the stage at Ben L. Smith and started our lives as adults. Our 45th reunion was a lot of fun with over 100 attendees. Although still a year out your reunion committee has already met once and decided to get started on planning our golden reunion. This survey is intended to gain as much input as we can from our classmates so we can entice as many as possible to want to come and celebrate.   And that is our overall objective of  the plan an event that appeals to as many as we can and hopefully have a great turnout.  We know that in talking with folks the primary wish for a fun reunion is to have time to circulate and talk with classmates.  So going in we do not intend to have a lavish formal program with a strict agenda. We hear you and want to have plenty of time to mingle and get reacquainted.

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1)   * Timing: We are tentatively thinking late Sep or early Oct 2015. Would you prefer a different month?

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2)   * How about having our event in conjunction with a holiday when some would be traveling to Greensboro like Thanksgiving or Columbus Day?

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3)   * Would you prefer an evening event or other time of the day?

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4)   * Cost? This will depend on our final agreements as to what we do of course, but would you be okay with $50-60 person?

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5)   * What would you like the cost per person to be?

6)   * Entertainment: A band would cost more, a DJ a bit less and recorded music the most affordable.

  Recorded Music
7)   Any other thoughts on entertainment?

8)   * Venue: We have started gathering pricing and will keep everyone informed. Are you okay with a hotel venue where those from out of town could also get a discounted overnight room?

Yes No
9)   Attire: Semi-formal, informal or casual?

10)   Other suggestions?

11)   For those who attended the 45th let us know if you have any constructive comments we can improve upon.